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We are Fakt & we can help you with your new brand, site, app, installation, digital strategy or web shop.

We think design is a vessel for emotions & produce gadgets, objects, concepts, installations, experiences that convey happy and/or positive ones.

We excel at challenges and ‘never-been-done-before’ missions, peak our interests and we shall deliver unique and wonderful work together (might even throw in a splash of colour while we are at it yeah?).

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UI/UX design

From mobile application to website to games, we have designed and developed multiple digital products and services. We can help you further strengthen existing products and bring any idea or product to life. We have done so for over 15 years together with big international clients such as Heineken, Klarna, Swarovski, IKEA and many more.


Whether it's a name, logo or cohesive direction, we can help you create a brand that will stand out from the crowd. Like we did for Pamoja and Franco Baranco.

Websites & Apps

Tying the knot between design and technology is our specialty. We have built digital experiences since the dawn of the internet. Everything from wiping profanities off virtual toilets for charity to complex banking transactions.

3D & Animation

Sometimes two dimensions are not enough, which is why we also work in 3D. Like we did for Adidas and Robyn.


We can setup your online store on a number of platforms and help you every step of the way. Guiding you through CAC, LTV, AOV, ROAS, CTR and all the other acronyms.

Clients we have
worked with*

*Includes us working @ previous agencies

Friendly helpful nice - Get Fakt today Friendly helpful nice - Get Fakt today
Carl Calderon Viktor Wätterbäck
Friendly helpful nice - Get Fakt today Friendly helpful nice - Get Fakt today

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